Mkokoteni for kids

There was once a boy who dreamed of being a car (weirdly enough). He wanted to help people ease their burdens and fatigue by driving them around (carrying them around?). He prayed day and night to wake up as a Volkswagen, or a BMW, or even a Toyota!

During the night he woke up and discovered he was a mkokoteni – handcart (I’m into Sci-Fi and Fantasy so of course he transformed into something haha). He was very miserable from that day on, as he was used to move things from CBD to Ngong Road and back.

One day he decided to find out the said “things” he had been moving around. To his surprise, he was moving clothes and unga from a charity to a children’s home! From that day on, he was happier knowing he was making things a bit easier for his fellow man.

The moral of this story:

Whatever hand we are dealt with, we must make the most of it selflessly and discover how we can use our situations to help ease others’ burdens.